4 Easy Ways to Prevent Slips and Falls in the Kitchen

Research has it that slips are the number one cause of rampant accidents for people at home. The kitchen area is one of the areas where slips and falls frequently occur. Some of the potential risks that cause a slip or fall risk can be an out-of-reach item or a slick floor hence a person should take extreme caution to keep safe while fixing a meal.

In this article we are going to discuss how to prevent slips and falls in the kitchen that one can take to prevent the slipping in the kitchen:

  • Incorporate Decent Housekeeping Practices

Decent housekeeping practices go hand-in-hand with safety which is often critical. If you have poor housekeeping habits then chances are that there is a high chance of fatal slips and falls hence resulting in injuries, escalating insurance expenses, and supervisory citations. When a kitchen is clean and well-organized, that is a good indication that the general safety measures are well put in place.

In a kitchen setting, proper housekeeping should be a routine hence it is a constant procedure that is put in place as it is a part and parcel of an individual’s daily performance. For a person to create an actual housekeeping program, one has to follow the following steps namely;

  • Planning includes understanding what needs to be done at a particular time the individual assigned to that area and what the specified area should look like after being worked on.
  • Assigning responsibilities to specific people or taking the initiative to clean as a daily routine.
  • I am implementing a program that entails establishing housekeeping measures as part of one’s daily routine.
  • Reduce Slippery or Wet Kitchen Surfaces

Research has it that a significant number of injuries occur on floors in general, especially in sidewalks, kitchens, parking lots, and shower areas in built-up dorms. This can occur sometimes when the outdoor weather changes hence affecting the indoor surfaces where moisture is trapped. Some of the control measures for outdoor surfaces include keeping sidewalks clean and in good condition, suspending slippery areas till they are safe, and using anti-skid shoes whenever possible.

The control measures for indoor surfaces include using the appropriate mats or rugs for kitchen areas, displaying wet floor signages when needed, cleaning up necessary spills as quickly as possible as well as using anti-skid tape in bothersome areas.

  • Create Clear Walkways and Aisles

A good number of accidents and injuries are brought about by slipping over obstacles, cluttered materials, and piles of equipment abandoned on corridors or aisles. Appropriate housekeeping services remain to be one of the most effective ways to avoid encountering these types of hazards. Setting up procedures and policies aids in avoiding accidents by cleaning the necessary working stations.

  • Investing and Maintaining Proper Lighting

Dim or poor lighting is associated with rampant slips and falls hence some measures should be put in place to aid avoid such accidents such as keeping work areas clean and well-lit, decluttering walkways, repairing house fixtures as well proper lighting in all passages.


Decent safety measures are important in a home or work area hence one needs to be extra careful in their daily activities because it takes only a slip or a fall to incur a bone fracture which can lead to unfortunate events.

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