7 Lead Generation Trends That You Should Follow In 2022

The truth of the current situation is that the time for offline sales is almost over.

Well, almost!

And digital automation has come to the forefront as a savior of the marketers who largely depended on offline sales. Using intelligent lead management software to generate leads is trending because of its utility.

There are tips for lead generation that you can use to double your benefit. You can also optimize your marketing campaigns and strategies for the betterment of your business. It is necessary to follow the tips and lead generation campaigns accordingly to remain at the top in this competitive ecosystem.

In this blog, let us look at seven enthralling trends you must pay attention to in 2022. We will also try and understand the tips associated with it that can boost your lead generation game.

  • Account-based marketing for B2B players: It is all about developing an advanced growth strategy for marketing & sales that works towards creating a customized purchasing experience for all the high-value accounts. The existence of ABM can be directly associated with the B2B businesses that are well-known to go for broad-spectrum marketing efforts, launching campaigns having a massive range of anonymous target audiences. Then the leads are passed over to the sales teams. However, the sales team needs to be on its toes to crack a deal successfully because the varied range of leads might not always turn into conversion. This ultimately aims at getting leads that will turn into profitable prospects.
  • One-to-one interaction through live chat and video conferencing: Video interaction is massively helpful when it comes to lead generation. Statistical data show that the video conferencing and communications that happened between the B2B buyers and the sales representatives led to 69% of revenue generation as of April 2020. More than 90% of digital marketers and B2B decision-makers prefer interacting through digital communication channels. The prevailing pandemic situation boosts the frequent usage of video conferencing more than ever.
  • Influencer marketing: Influencers have a better reach, fan base, and they can easily convince their fans. Hence, some brands heavily invest in influencer marketing because it works for them, especially in this covid situation. They endorse brands and products. The trustworthiness and the kind of services they deliver are a few reasons why influencer marketing has been there and will continue to be a vital part of lead generation and conversions. It is a fact that more people across the globe trust social media influencers who have more than 10,000 followers. The brands get a lot of benefit from this because they get assistance from an expert in a particular niche. Plus, marketers can explore the benefits of performance-based marketing schemes on varied social media platforms and more.
  • Voice search: Smart customers of today largely depend on voice search, even for online shopping needs. Local and voice search are strongly intertwined, and local leads are primarily generated through local and voice searches. The voice search technology is being refined. Thus, the marketers put in extra effort to improve their voice and local search performances. The marketers optimize their listings, reviews, content, voice search snippets to gain more leads and inquiries.
  • Content marketing through videos: Video content marketing is a thing today. You will see reels, Facebook Watch videos, YouTube Shorts, and more trending everywhere. Video content marketing is a proven source of lead generation, and the trend will rule in the coming years. It facilitates the increase in reach, engagement, sales, dwell-time, and more.
  • Community marketing: The customers interact with each other to discuss vital topics in an online forum. You could consider Quora and LinkedIn as a classic embodiment of community marketing. It puts the customers first. Many companies engage with consumers actively over each tweet and re-tweet to do justice to community marketing.
  • UX is vital because of Google’s new page ranking signal: Enhanced page experience is crucial, and it will depend on whether the page is mobile-friendly or not, whether it is safe for browsing, the HTTPS security level, and the pop-ups. Premium content and a high-quality page experience are mandatory for positive results from the featured snippets.

If you want to future-proof your organization, these top lead generation trends are for you. Follow them and secure your organization’s position.

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