Business Technology Roles for Savvy Students

Are you choosing what your career in business will be? Business technology involves the software systems and devices which we use to craft the business world. Any device which makes communications easier or swifter, any device which computes data on our behalf – all of it is business technology. All of it makes trading possible, either in online or offline goods and services. This is a fascinating, fast-paced world where anything could happen. The best of the best work hard and train hard to stay ahead of the pack.

Looking for a Career in Business Technology?

These jobs might just help you answer your calling.

Business Analyst Jobs

A business analyst, sometimes known as a data analyst, specifically focuses on the day to day data that makes your business run. They collect information from the people who buy your goods and services, or who interact with your online content, and they condense this data down until they create something which helps the client. A business analyst might identify potential problems before they arise. They can highlight the bestselling periods or products. Every piece of information they bring back, you can use to help your business go farther.

App Developers

In some cases, you spend thousands of Euros on a new piece of software which allows you to work smarter, not harder. The software system takes up five GB on your hard drive but it gets the job done. 6 months later there is an app for that, doing it in half the time, with far less space, from a phone. App developers are in it to make the big bucks. The more addictive the app, the better the moneymaking probability. Don’t overload the app with ads, this is where many developers go wrong. You could even land a job working with the biggest app developers in Ireland.

Cyber Security Analysts

Any business which frequently handles private client data requires full compliance with EU data protection laws. Within the next few years, we will see further integration of the cyber security industry with businesses. The days of outsourcing cyber support are soon over. A cyber specialist in house is the coming next big thing. You may require a degree in this specialisation to land top paying roles. A fun part of this role involves testing the security companies have in place before you fix it for them.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers and digital media mediums are the current focus of all advertising and marketing companies. Video advertising is in. People like strong visuals to remember brands, and brands like eye catching, memorable logos. There is a ton of work out there for an aspiring graphic designer right now. Advertising has never been bigger.

Finding Work in Business Technology

You can continue to job search remotely for positions all over the world. Thanks to the global marketplace, we are no longer limited to the confines of finding work or employees from within our local area. Finding work in business technology has never been easier, especially not if your speciality is software.

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