Do You Want to Import Electronics Goods from China?

If you visit the market to shop for any electronics products whether any consumable electronics products or industrial electronics products, invariably you will find that majority of them are bearing a “Made in China” stamp.

Have you ever thought about the reason why most electronics goods are these days supplied by China only? The following are some of the reasons why you will find most consumer electronics made in China.

  1. The Chinese government has given permission to foreign companies to set their manufacturing bases in China for creating joint ventures with certain Chinese companies. This has enabled China to produce most of the electronic devices in their country.
  2. The labour force available in China is the cheapest in the world due to its huge population. China has got the highest qualified manpower in the world, which has enabled all factories to manufacture various devices in bulk and supply everywhere in the world.
  3. The electronic devices produced in China at low costs have attracted clients around the world. Whenever people go shopping, the price remains the most important criterion. This is the reason Chinese manufactured electronics products have totally captured the market.
  4. There are several training programs available in China for people who may be interested in taking part in the manufacturing of any electronic device in China. As a result, the technical skills of people have improved drastically and China is able to produce quality electronic goods.
  5. After the demise of Mao, China was really stuck with plenty of needy people. Then Deng Xiao Ping began to open up the country to the west and luring them with China’s low labour costs.
  6. For most of the companies of the western nations, it was difficult to resist the temptation to manufacture their electronics products in China at such a low cost. As a result, China’s electronics revolution started.
  7. After the Chinese workers fully learned this trade, they started their own electronic assemblies in China.
  8. The competitive advantage of China was the low cost, which China has exploited and started the electronics revolution in China.
  9. Every factory in China started working very hard to outsmart all their neighbours in South East Asian regions and became the leader in manufacturing almost everything.
  10. Many companies from western countries followed the strategy of focusing on their own core competencies like marketing and branding while at the same time outsourcing non-core activities to China to get the best price.
  11. Outsourcing manufacturing has now become a norm as a result, China has turned into the factory of the world.

How to import Electronic goods from China?

Once you have made up your mind to import consumer electronics made in China, you must start identifying Chinese sources. Today, internet technology has empowered us to start easily searching for it.

You need to adopt a certain best strategy to identify the right source in China and online, it will not be too difficult to do that. You can find several options and out of them, you need to select which option suits you the most.

While sourcing consumer electronics made in China a few important points that you must take note, of so that you may not end up making mistakes, which can not only cost you plenty of time but also your money.

These days, you can find many Chinese sourcing agents, who can help you in your endeavour and also make your work much easier

  • Spend your quality time doing research on good suppliers

You can do this by a google search. Different platforms e.g. Alibaba can provide you with info on suppliers of Chinese electronic items. The safe bet would be to use the services of any sourcing agents.

  • Audit and also verify your supplier

Try to narrow down your search to 4 or 5 suppliers that have really impressed you. Conduct thorough research and also talk to a few other buyers who must have also dealt with them.

  • Make quality your top priority

Make certain that your prospective supplier is quality conscious not just in words but also in actions. Ask them whether they are ready to ship a few sample products to you for your approval.

  • Clear communication

Your communication must have enough clarity. The language barrier should be properly addressed so that you ensure that you have been properly understood. Your sourcing agent can play a very effective role here.

  • Cost

Before starting any business, you should make a budget and strive to stick to it as much as you can. To avoid overstretching your budget, look for a certain electronic equipment source that is closest to it.

  • Ensure compliance with various regulatory measures

Make sure that you can find the manufacturer of consumer electronics made in China who is certified as legal and also very keen to follow all regulations that are in place by their government.

  • Production capabilities

The manufacturing capabilities and production capacities can be checked by your appointed sourcing agent by paying a business visit to the manufacturer. It is very essential to get info about their track record while considering any supplier.

  • Electronic safety risks

You need to ensure that your prospective supplier never neglects any electric safety guidelines. Any kind of faulty electronic device can be extremely dangerous and will also be considered illegal.

  • Software license

Your sourcing agent can help you decide whether the supplier has the necessary software license that they are producing. Some technologies e.g. Bluetooth have also licensing fees that may cost a product line about 2500 dollars.

  • Warranty and returns

A warranty document is included with almost all electronic gadgets. If there are any faults, make certain that you have a reasonable return period. Make sure to provide a strong warranty to your customers as well. Also, be sure the warranty terms are appropriate for you.

We do hope this post has been useful to you to start with your importing of consumer electronics made in China.

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