Email Marketing Trends for this 2022

In the last couple of years we’ve seen, due to special circumstances, several forms of digital marketing grow at a fast pace. Also, several marketers predicted that this was the beginning of the end for email marketing. Nevertheless email marketing has kept its strength and is now one of the preferred channels of communication for brands and consumers.

If you’re creating your own email marketing strategy or have hired an Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency, here are some of the top email marketing tips and strategies that will ensure highly effective and engaging email campaigns to ensure maximum conversion.

  1. User-generated content

This means customer reviews, ratings, photos of your clients using or unpacking your product, use this content to engage with your subscribers and build trust around your brand. When users see positive feedback it creates a good impression and increases the chance of conversion.

  1. Microsegmentation

Customer segmentation is highly effective when done correctly to boost conversion rates. This year is super important to go from segmentation to microsegmentation, meaning you’ll have to dive into customer behavior using the Email Marketing Metrics data before building these super targeted segments based on preferences, location, personality, and predictive information.

  1. Personalization

Personalizing your email campaigns will help you improve your list engagement. It’s not only about calling your subscribers by their first or last name – there’s a lot more when it comes to personalizing your emails. Tailor your campaign content, design and offer based on the segmentation you’re using,

  1. Mobile optimization

There’s no need to mention the importance of including mobile optimization in your email marketing strategy. We live in an era ruled by smartphones and you should implement new responsive techniques that capture your audience just when they’re browsing on their phone.

  1. Short and straightforward designs

Shift towards a more simple design avoids unwanted elements and unnecessary content. Make your email visually friendly and attractive. Make sure that as your readers open your email they’ll know why it is relevant to them, incorporate optimized images and graphics to make your email visually appealing.

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