Risks To Know For Your Remote Workers

Businesses and their employees continue to see the many benefits to promoting and enabling remote work. With the time saved working remotely, employees report that they have more freedom and time to establish a work-life balance that was healthier than in the office. Organizations understand that in order to ensure employees are providing the highest quality work, their employees need to feel as though they have a healthy relationship between work and their home lives. That said, it’s important for organizations to consider and prepare for the potential drawbacks and liability as a result of remote personnel as well. Many times this liability won’t look the same as it would in-office, but rather will come from the digital realm.  Data breaches are among some of the most common dangers experienced by remote staff, sometimes as a result of stolen hardware, other times as a result of poorly optimized online security. Whatever the case might be, if your organization plans on continuing to offer remote work, there’s some risks to understand. For more information on those risks and how to mitigate them, please see the infographic accompanying this post.

Risks To Know For Your Remote Workers provided by B2Z Insurance, a small business insurance agency

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