The 5 Best Ways to Protect Your Home

Let’s face the ugly truth – personal security is one of the major issues of our times. Public monitoring and police presence just isn’t as efficient at lowering crime rates as we would all like it to be. The best thing you can do is to take some preventive, protective measures yourself. Luckily, security equipment turned out to be much more efficient in deterring crime on private property than in public spaces.

Here are five tried and tested ways to protect your home.

1. High-quality doors and locks

Since more than half of all burglars get into homes the same way you do – through doors, there’s where your first line of defense should be. Windows are a favorite alternative, so mind them too. Securing your doors and windows with different combinations of quality locks is a must if you want to have a safe home.

Your front door should ideally be thick, heavy and solid so they are difficult to kick in or kick down. Door models can come pre-equipped with sturdy locks, but you can always get add-ons and door reinforcements that, for example, prevent doors from being removed from the frame.

  1. Security Cameras

Security/CCTV cameras are one of the best means of protecting yourself, since these devices are proactive – instead of just turning on and making a fuss when the break-in attempt happens, they record what’s going on around them, and can do it all the time if you wish.

General rule is that more elaborate system you have, the better are the results. So if your budget allows, go for multiple cameras, smart cameras that can be controlled via your phone, combine indoor and outdoor cameras with an alarm system. Also, professional remote CCTV monitoring, where professional operators can take active control of your cameras in a case of emergency, is one of the best ways to use a CCTV system to a full potential.

Although some advise on installing fake cameras if you can’t afford the real ones, be careful. While it’s true that cameras are so unpopular with criminals that even realistic fakes might put them off, your faking might be busted after some careful observation. Your attempt at deceiving them might make some intruders even more destructive. And of course, with fakes you don’t get to have real camera benefits, such as having control over your environment. A cheap real camera is still better than a fancy fake.

3. Alarms

One of the keys to a successful burglary is for it to go unnoticed and – quiet. A home alarm system is a perfect way to spoil that plan. Alarms are still one of the most efficient ways to keep criminals away from your home. Different systems are available, from basic sirens to smart alarms with all kinds of sensors. There is even an option for police to be directly notified when the alarm is set off.

4. Professional home security check                                    

This is often overlooked – did you know that you can get your home checked for securuty and safety by a security professional? Some police departments even offer this service for free.

Upon arranging an assessment, a security professional will visit your home and analyze strengths and weaknesses of your property, and make recommendations according to the findings. This personalized approach is a great way to optimize your protection and make sure you’re not missing anything.

5. Common sense

While installing security equipment is usually really efficient at deterring crime, you shouldn’t get too relaxed. While one of the points of getting your home secured is that you can have less worries about your safety and well-being, you should be aware that security equipment isn’t a “miracle cure” against crime. After installing a reliable security system, don’t forget to apply common-sense measures, such as locking your doors and not leaving your windows open when you’re not at home. Also, always be careful who do you let into your home, and especially to whom you reveal details about your security equipment.

To sum it up: combination of good security equipment, professional advice, and some good old common sense and logic is the best way to win some security and peace of mind for yourself and your family.

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