Misconceptions Surrounding the Purchase of Two-Wheeler Insurance Online vs. Offline

As the number of vehicle accidents on the road multiplies yearly, it portrays the need to secure them. This might pose an important question: would someone be secured financially      in case of a mishap?

Now, we all know buying a two-wheeler is accompanied by a significant social responsibility- it is essential to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Bike Insurance policy is a safety net that protects against unforeseen events. However, you must ensure that you buy bike insurance online or offline from a reliable insurer like Tata AIG. Insurance for two-wheelers with sufficient coverage from a reliable insurer acts as a cushion that ensures your financial safety in case of any mishap.

However, buying a two-wheeler insurance policy online has often been considered phishing by many. Why is this the case: certain myths have penetrated deeply in society about buying “insurance on the internet” or online.

This article will explore more about the myths that you may come across when you plan to get two-wheeler insurance and then will break these myths by discussing the realities.

 Common Misconceptions Surrounding the Purchase of Two-Wheeler Insurance

Several aspects surround the purchase of two wheeler insurance, particularly when it comes to choosing between online and offline channels. Here are some misconceptions and the realities associated with them, let us have a look at them one by one:

 Online Insurance is Often Expensive than Offline Insurance

This is usually not true.  In many cases, online two-wheeler insurance can be more affordable because it eliminates the need for intermediaries or agents, reducing distribution costs.

Online platforms often go the extra mile to offer discounts and competitive prices that may not be readily offered if two-wheeler insurance is bought offline.

To check this out check your bike insurance premium for the policy you want to buy using the bike insurance premium calculator facility available on insurance platforms..

 Offline Channels Provide Better Customer Service 

This myth about online channels of buying insurance is a common misconception. Both online and offline insurance channels strive to serve their customers with the best services.

The aspect that varies between the two is they serve their customers slightly differently. Online platforms often have a myriad of customer support services including chat, email, or phone, providing quick and efficient assistance.

On the other hand, offline channels might offer face-to-face interactions which is comforting for some people, but the effectiveness of customer service varies across providers in offline channels.

 Buying Online Means Compromising on Coverage

Buying a two-wheeler online does not mean that there is any compromise on the coverage. Generally, the coverage offered in online and offline insurance policies is mainly indifferent.

When you buy two-wheeler insurance online, you get a lot of detailed information about the coverage, terms, and conditions, allowing customers to make informed decisions.

It is the due responsibility of the customer to read the policy documents carefully and tailor the coverage according to their needs.

 Online Transactions are Not Secure

This is not largely true, two-wheeler insurance from a reputable online two-wheeler insurance provider can help you to secure sensitive details. Their encrypted payment gateways ensure the security of customer information.

Such two-wheeler insurance providers put up industry-standard security measures to protect against unauthorised access.

 Offline Channels Offer More Personalised Service

It is a common belief that offline channels provide face-to-face interactions, thanks to the face to face communication. While this is true to some extent, online platforms have a trick or two up their sleeves when it comes to personalisation.

Here, customers can compare policies, tailor their coverage, and get a facility to receive assistance easily. Additionally, online platforms often use data analytics to provide tailor-made recommendations for catering to individual needs. This can be called personalisation without a handshake.

 Online Purchases is Complicated and Time-Consuming

Online insurance purchase has become increasingly user-friendly with a simplified process, allowing customers to compare policies, get quotes, and thereby complete their purchases on time. The convenience of online transactions often outweighs the perceived complexities.

In this internet era, online purchase of Insurance has been a quick and hassle-free process. You can view the comprehensive policy for insurance in a few quick steps where it recommends the one that suits your needs.

 Renewing Offline is Easier Than Online

Renewal offline is much easier is a myth. Online insurance renewal is generally a simple process. The customer gets renewal reminders sent through email or SMS. Also, customers can renew their policies 24*7 at the convenience of a few clicks.

With the elevated use of technologies, taking insurance policies online has been a lot easier. With 24/7 availability, you can also do an easy comparison of insurance internet.

Buying Insurance online also saves you from a lot of paperwork and gives you location flexibility. Using this technology you can choose the best not just in your area but in the universal options available.

 Final Thought

In a nutshell, the choice between online and offline two-wheeler insurance depends on your preferences and needs. It is vital to comprehend two-wheeler insurance policies and make an informed decision based on factors including cost, convenience, and the level of customer service offered by the insurance provider.

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