Signeasy with Microsoft Teams


eSignature solutions enable you to sign documents electronically and authenticate you as the signer. eSignatures make daily life a lot easier and provide a modern approach by confirming the signers’ identity. With eSignature solutions for Microsoft Teams, you can easily and quickly sign and send documents out for signature without leaving the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. Trusted by approximately 48,000 organizations globally, Signeasy is a highly easy-to-use automation and workflow platform to sign, send, and manage vital business agreements.

Advantages of Signeasy with Microsoft Teams

With Signeasy, you also have the facility of seamless integration workflows with Microsoft Teams. Now you can sign, manage, and send all documents using Microsoft Teams directly. Read on to learn more about the advantages of Signeasy’s integration for Microsoft Teams.

  • Get work done faster: Improve the turnaround process as you can keep your staff connected and organized. You can collaborate with all your team members in real-time till you need to sign the document and then instantly switch on to the Signeasy app.
  • Toggle less and achieve more: With Signeasy for Microsoft Teams, you can focus on where the work is happening exactly. This feature enables you to seamlessly execute tasks, such as asking for signatures for NDAs, finalizing sales contracts, sending documents for approval, and so on.
  • Improved automation: You need not spend time on redundant admin tasks anymore. All you need to do is use the Teams chatbot to see how many documents are pending for you to work on, whether you are awaiting some signatures or more.
  • More visibility: Now, you can get more visibility into your signature workflows with real-time chat notifications.
  • Sign documents anytime, anywhere: You can use your mobile or any device to sign any documents anytime from anywhere if it has Microsoft Teams installed with Signeasy integration.

What can you do once your Microsoft Teams is integrated with Signeasy?

Trusted and used by over 5 million users, Signeasy is the best way to sign documents or get documents signed from a tablet, a computer, or a phone. People across various industries use Signeasy. What can you do with Signeasy being integrated with Microsoft Teams?

  • Set up different channels: The Signeasy app can be installed on both team and personal channels; thus, you can collaborate on documents easily and quickly.
  • Work anywhere, anytime: If you are on the go and have a mobile, you can complete your work on the go. You can view and sign documents on your tablet or smartphone anytime, no matter where you are.
  • Work together across borders: With Signeasy for Microsoft Teams, you and your clients can work from anywhere globally. All you need to do is send a signature request which can let them sign from anywhere in the world using the device of their choice.
  • Stay in the loop: Receive notifications and status updates about documents that are still pending and keep track of the status of the documents using Microsoft Teams. The chat-based digital assistant can help with the different signature requests and also helps to manage the paperwork.
  • Upload and sign documents: Upload and sign documents of all formats, such as PDF, text, Word, JPG, Excel, PNG, and other popular document formats from your personal app.
  • Use the ‘Request Signature’ option: You can use the ‘Request Signature’ option to send the document to others for their signature.

Installing the Signeasy Addon for Microsoft Teams

By installing the Signeasy add-in to Microsoft Teams, you can set up Signeasy for the Microsoft Teams workspace, get updates about your account, and sign and send documents from within your MS Teams account. The Signeasy app can be installed on a Microsoft Team workspace or directly to a chat or team. Once installed, the Signeasy bot and tab will appear in your chat list and Teams channel.

Adding Signeasy to Team Workspace

  1. Go to Apps in the left panel and type Signeasy in the search bar
  2. Choose the Signeasy app from the list displayed
  3. Select Add to install Signeasy for your Teams

The Signeasy app icon is now present in the left panel.

Adding Signeasy to Chat or Team

  1. Go to Apps in the left panel and type Signeasy in the search bar
  2. Choose the Signeasy app from the list displayed
  3. Click the arrow and select Add to a chat or Add to a team from the dropdown list
  4. The log-in screen is displayed
  5. Click Save

Signeasy is now available for your teams or chat.


Documents often require signatures at numerous places, and one spends more time sending, scanning, downloading, and storing documents. Having Signeasy integrated with Microsoft Teams can help one save a significant amount of money. Go ahead and implement eSignature solutions for Microsoft Teams, and stay ahead.

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