What is Covered by Tata NEXON Car Insurance?

While traditionally, types of cars were clearly demarcated as sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, etc., in recent years, automobile manufacturers have started offering a range of combined features creating multiple crossover segments in the market. One of the most popular crossover segments is the sub-compact SUV segment where the vehicle offers the power and space of an SUV and combines it with the ease of drive and convenience of a car. Many automobile giants have started offering multiple vehicles in this segment. The Tata Nexon is a compact SUV offered by Tata Motors leveraging its extensive sales and service network to deliver a stylish and powerful vehicle to Indian buyers.

While the Tata Nexon earns good points in looks and performance and is undeniably a winner, before you drive it out from a showroom, you need to buy four-wheeler insurance. There are different types of vehicle insurance plans available like third-party insurance, comprehensive insurance, etc. Also, there are many providers offering these policies. Hence, you need to research your options and compare car insurance plans to find the best policy for your needs. If you are looking for complete protection for your Nexon, then you can opt for a comprehensive Tata Nexon Insurance policy that includes third-party liabilities and own-damage protection.

About Tata Nexon

The Tata Nexon is a five-seater sub-compact SUV by Tata Motors that ranks high on the style and looks scale. It has been designed proportionately and is very spacious inside too. However, the Nexon is more than just its looks. It is available in various fuel and gearbox variants and is the only Indian car to have received 5-stars for safety by Global NCAP. It is available in eight different colours, including Atlas Black, Calgary White, Grassland Beige with Piano Black Roof, Foliage Green, Daytona Grey, Flame Red, Royale Blue, and StarLight. The average ex-showroom price of the Tata Nexon ranges between ₹7.59 lakh and ₹14.08 lakh.

What is Covered by Tata Nexon Car Insurance?

The Tata Nexon is India’s only car to have received five stars for safety by Global NCAP. While this ensures a safe ride, mishaps and accidents cannot be predicted. Therefore, it is important to buy insurance for Tata Nexon so that you can manage any repair or injury-related costs without burdening your finances. Here are the inclusions of a Tata Nexon Car Insurance policy:

  • Accidents/Collisions – Damages to your car or a third-party vehicle or property due to a collision or accident caused by your car
  • Theft – Payment of the sum insured if the car is stolen and not traceable by police
  • Fire – Any damage to the insured car caused due to an accidental fire
  • Natural disasters – Damages to the insured car due to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, etc.
  • Personal Accident cover – An additional cover for the owner-driver of the car against accidents resulting in death or disability
  • Third-party liabilities – Repair costs of third-party property, medical treatment costs for injuries to a third-party person, and compensation to third parties for damages caused by your car

Add-on Covers with Tata Nexon Insurance

When you opt for a comprehensive policy, you can choose add-on covers to customise it as per your needs. Here are some common add-on covers opt for with a Tata Nexon car insurance plan:

  • Zero Depreciation cover
  • Roadside assistance cover
  • Engine Protection cover
  • No Claim Bonus Protection cover
  • Return to Invoice cover

What is The Insurance Cost of Nexon?

Tata Nexon Car Insurance premium depends on many factors, including:

  • The variant chosen
  • Age of the car
  • Your location
  • Add-on covers
  • Voluntary deductible
  • Your driving history and claim history, etc.

Summing Up

While looking at what is covered under Tata Nexon car insurance, it is also important to understand the exclusions. Usually, damages due to the wear and tear of car parts are not covered. Also, the insurer will not offer coverage if you are driving with an expired policy or under the influence of alcohol. Before signing the dotted line, you carefully review the list of inclusions and exclusions to understand the scope and extent of the coverage offered. Good Luck!

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