Sustainable Strategies and Corporate Responsibility: Alejandro Pena, CEO of Keter Group, Is Changing the Game

Keter was established almost 100 years ago to offer customers recyclable and sustainable products made from recyclable resin. Based in Israel with 20 manufacturing facilities across the globe, Keter has enjoyed explosive growth in the past half-decade since they appointed Alejandro Pena to operate as the CEO of the company.

Pena first began with the company as its North America Market Managing Director. Capably guiding the team to year-over-year growth and profitability, Pena would eventually be named the heir apparent to the CEO position.

Now the CEO of Keter Group, Alejandro Pena, is the guiding hand on the wheel as the company aims toward sustainability and greener outcomes.

Let’s explore some of Pena’s early efforts as he strives for sustainable recyclability at Keter Group.

Sustainable Initiatives and Green Outcomes

Zvika Zak is the Managing Director at the Keter Innovation Center. It is there that Zak works hand-in-hand with CEO Alejandro Pena to craft new technology, processes, and guidelines to lead toward sustainable solutions.

Zak says, “Keter is committed to ensuring we lead the industry when it comes to the design, creation, and delivery of sustainable lifetime product solutions that meet the emerging behaviors and buying trends of consumers across the globe.”

Pointing to sustainability, Zak and Pena agree that this concept will define how the company will use and create its future products. Zak added, “We will do it all based upon the company’s stated commitment to a more sustainable future.”

Keter Group has also installed manufacturing facilities in specific areas to better meet the needs of their shopping consumers. As an example, manufacturing facilities in the United States cater to larger items and orders for American audiences. Keter facilities in the United Kingdom focus on more lightweight products.

Pena says, “We are starting to be more proactive in trying to collect back many of these products that are being discarded.”

Alejandro Pena Leads Green Efforts

Since becoming the CEO of Keter Group, Alejandro Pena has paid careful attention to the core tenants of his business: material innovation, design innovation, and the practice of business responsibility.

Keter has already heavily invested in the consumer demand for more sustainable efforts and initiatives, and that has extended to the reduction of single-use plastic consumer products. With recyclable resin as its main material of choice, Keter has pledged to improve its operational efficiencies by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

Additionally, Keter is on track to reach its admirable goal of reducing its waste in landfills to a complete zero. To make this happen, Zvika Zak said, “New technology will also be employed to create a new portfolio of product finishes that will widen consumer appeal for Keter products, supported by speedily re-configured products that will get to market without delay.

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